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Spelling Lessons

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Spelling lessons

Vs 1

J stands for the joyous news        E stands for excitement when I heard – that

S stands for salvation when I       U tter and live out His word

S sssssh! Haven’t you heard                        CH


Spelling lessons come and go

Spelling lessons help you know

Special words to help you in your life

Spelling isn’t so absurd

When you know about the word

And here is one I’ll tell you all about,…

It’s,…   J. E. S .U. S.      J. E. S .U. S.      J. E. S .U. S.!

Vs 2

J ust for you he came to earth                    E xactly as the prophets had foretold

S adly, even though they heard                  U nfortunately, to Jesus they turned cold

S hunning the message He told                  CH

Vs 3

J stands for the joy he brings                      E stands for everyone He saved

S stands for the sacrifice                              and U the unbelievable gift He gave

He died and rose so we’d be                        S aved!!!                            CH

Mark Bainbridge © 1990

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