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As You Carry Me

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • As You Carry Me

Vs 1 Who is that woman, next to you there

Who is that man, with that lost and vacant stare

Who is that child, crying for hunger it can’t bear

What can I do Lord, even if I care.


Vs 2 Who is my neighbour to whom you send me

What service is asked, what quarter given, p lease tell me?

Who is my brother or sister who will befriend me            .

What can I do to help and set them free, ….


CH   (‘But)    Don’t forget me Lord, I am not worthy, No.

To call on your name, Or have you visit me, …

But send down your Spirit, Lord Just say the word

My brother I will carry, Lord as you carry me.

As you carry me.


Vs 3 He came for all men, ‘Every nation, every people

The lost and the lonely, the poor and the weak

No matter the  background, no matter the culture

No matter the colour, its the forgotten he will seek  – CH


Vs 4 So you answer my questions, Lord with simple teaching

Be patient and kind, merciful and just in your living

‘Every man, woman and child, …

…, are the neighbours you place in my keep .

And as to Peter, you tell me, ‘feed my sheep!’  – CH

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