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God Is

  1. Come On, Come In and Welcome
  2. This Bread and Wine
  3. God Is…?
  4. Jesus is Asking
  5. La, La, La Trinity
  6. Becky’s Question
  7. I’d Like to Sing a Happy Song


This is only half of the collection.

God Is…? had two sides to it, the A side of the old cassette contained the songs for adult reflection and praise, and the B side contained the songs I had written for children’s liturgy and classroom. This was recorded on a shoe string budget at the community radio station 3CCC at the Old Harcourt Train Station, and released in 1988.

It was my first year as Principal of St. Mary’s Castlemaine, where I taught a class of 11 Grade 6 children. They provided my first backing group for the songs – Great days and even better memories.

(is that really 23 years ago!!!)