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The songs here are specifically aimed at the Library, not only as a resource area for information, but also the enjoyment of reading books and discovering the wider world of fiction, fantasy and fact.

Both were written for Book Week celebrations with the “Library Song” used as a teaching tool for understanding the various sections of this important resource. “Undercover” is just fun!
  • Mark Bainbridge
  • The Library Song
Chorus G(A) C(D) G(A) The Library, The Library, That’s the place to try D(E) If you want to find a book or two (or three, or more!) G(A) read a story, just take a look C(D) G(A) Find some information D(E) G(A) Don’t you know of books there’s quite a few (*)THESE CHORDS ARE THE STEP UP TRANSITION BETWEEN CH & VERSE 3 Verse 1 C G D G All books will be catalogued, each will have its place C G D Just ask the friendly librarian Em C G D There’s fiction full of make believe, Non-Fiction is for real! C D G And reference books will help your knowledge gain. – CH Verse 2 C G D G If you want a story, full of fun and colour C G D The picture story books are just the shot Em C G D Full of illustrations, and many funny stories C D G – A (STEP UP) Open up their covers for the lot! – CH Verse 3 D A So please come in and take a look Em A Be amazed at what you find D A E Look at all the books that you might try F#m D A E Open up the covers, let the words fill your head D E F#m It will let imagination fly D E A It will let imagination fly

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Undercover

Verse 1 Em Am Under the stairwell, under the mat D Em Under the bench or under the cat Em Am Under the covers, we may find D Em A mysterious world just waiting,… – CH Chorus C -G-D C – G-D To grab you,… Undercover C G The stories you will find C G Will blow your mind C G D And grab you,…Undercover!! Em (LAST TIME) Undercover!! Verse 2 Em One can often wonder Am What could be there D One can easily find out Em If one only dares Em Am Open the cover on a hidden world D Em Of a mystery story that is waiting,… CH Verse 3 Em Am No matter the topic you want to find D Em A book for the subject there is of every kind Em And if you’re not careful Am When reading in bed D A book might keep you up Em All night instead,…and,… CH