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Little Town

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Little Town


Many years ago

In a place so far from here,

Lived a family we all know

Loved their God

No enemies did they fear.

And they held a secret close

One soon the world would share

In a little town of Nazareth

God’s love was growing there (x2 then Chorus)



Are you strong, little town?

Do you listen

Will you grow little town?

Will you follow my word?

‘Do you know, little town,

You’ve been chosen

Youre the one, little town

To nurture my love, Nazareth.



Not many years ago,

In a p lace that could be here

Live families we all know

Who love their God

And in     love ch ildren they rear.

And they hold a secret close,

And  they live the word to share,

In a little town of Nazareth

God’s love is growing here. (x2 then Chorus)

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