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ME & YOU & THEY & US = WE!  {A Community}

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Me + You + They + Us = We

Me, I am ‘me’

God made me, can’t you see?

God made me be!


You, ‘You’ are my friend

I depend, ‘Up-on ‘you’,

‘Cause you ‘re my friend!


‘They’, they seem to be,

So far away at times, Just like the sea’s,…

‘Distant horizon, that fades to the sky.

I wish ‘they’ could be closer,

As ‘they’ rush by.


Us ,We are the glue,

The chosen few,

Who let love plant its seed,

And helped it grow,…

… a loving ‘me’ …

… a caring ‘you’, …

… accepting ‘they’ and ‘us’ are free, …

… ‘To become ”We’.

Song Notes:

A community is a group of diverse people, living and reacting together, weaving a fabric of life. Each individual person contributes and has the right to exist in that community.

Each to be respected and accepted with all of their differences. ‘They’ can be distant groups or close friends – but all make up the particular community with its individual characteristics.

If we let God’s love plant its seed in our “Me’s”, “You’s”,”They’s” and “Us’s”; “We” would be a great place to live! A true community


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