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One People In God

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • One People In God


We are here Lord, · One people in God.

‘We ask your presence, Lord, with us at your table.

‘We bring our gifts, Lord of bread and wine,

But more than this, we offer,

All we have inside (repeat at end)

Vs 1.

Our special talents, Lord

‘Each has their own.

‘Each has a special place

Some call it home.

Others are here Lord, forgotten and alone.

Please help us to make their space a home. –j


We are a whole, Lord.

Not broken apart.

You came for all, and so

From here we must make a start

Building the bridges, Lord.

Mending the holes.

Bonding our friendships with love, not cold. ..CH

Vs 3

You are the Weaver, Lord,

We are the straw.

Shape us in your image, Lord.

And Your Love be at our core,

Help us reach each other, as You reach out to us,

Be with in our lives always, we trust. . CH

Song notes:

Written for the ‘Teams of Lady’ movement. Especially Team 11 Bendigo sector.

Suitable for the procession of the gifts in Mass or the beginning of any Eucharist for Unity. The song was specifically written for the Victorian Teams of Our Lady Conference held in Bendigo in April 1989. It’s a song calling for a gathering, a unity as one people, even if you feel alienated or forgotten. A song of building bridges,…mending holes,…and bonding friendships.

With those close to us, and all others that weave into the fabric of our lives.

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