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We Sing Your Praises

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • We Sing Your Praises
Chorus We sing your praises Lord with all our voice Our hearts and thoughts be yours Your ways be our choice Open our minds to you, in everyway In all that we say! In all that we pray! Be with us today!   Vs 1 Take of our gifts. Take from our hands. Implant in our hearts, Good news for all the lands Treat us as clay to  mold  to your will Teach us your ways, Teach us to p ray, Your Love our hearts fill   –           CH   Vs 2 You’ve given so much All that we need The bread of life grown from a tiny seed Help us to spread This seed far and wide Teach us your ways, teach us to pray, Your Peace, our lives guide. –     CH

Song Notes:

In writing this song I was attempting to create a tune specifically to sing with a congregation – with an easy beat and simple verse.

Singing together, in my mind, is the best way to give thanks and honour the Lord.
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