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You Are The One

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • You Are The One


Lord, you are the one I put my trust in,

You are the one, I can call my friend.

You, you  are the one I can always turn to,

When I’m alone, I know you are always there.


You are the light that guides my way,

The word, that comforts me,

You are the path, along which I travel

To the Father you lead me on,

You are the one!


Vs 2

Lord, you are the one I rest my hope with,

You are the one upon whom I can rely

You, you give me dreams and  imagination,

Help me to share your love,…

With all I meet, … ‘Every God  given day!          –          CH



Quiet now – I remember you died for me,

Peaceful now – three days living in hope,

Joyful now – know  death you have conquered it,

Glory Be – Praise your name above all – Lord      –      CH

Song Notes:

This is an Easter Song.

I have not always turned to Jesus when I was sad, alone or in troubled, waters, but when I do, I feel a great deal more hopeful and seem to get on top of the problem so much quicker.

He’s always there when you need Him, unless you shut Him out. He doesn’t give you wrong directions, unless you chose to take, the wrong turn. He gives you peaceful joyful hope if you’re ready for it – and that’s really something to sing about.

(Special thanks to Sr.Catherine at Grovedale for giving me courage to sing this – the first of many.)

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