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These tracks have not been published prior to this web page being developed, but display further refinements in the recording and presentation of my songs.

This is also the section where you will find all my new emerging music for Children.

Song notes: “Broken Bread – Body Sacred” was written for a first Communion  Celebration, but I felt it was so classical in style, it could be used in any Liturgy and lends itself to choral and congregation singing. A gentle song – I love to harmonise with it.

Broken Bread – Body Sacred

Song notes: “My God He Laughs” is the way I see my God – I am sure I provide heaps of mirth as I trip and stumble my way through life. A mean, angry, harsh God had been presented to me as a child, and I just couldn’t believe that if God is Love, as was preached from the pulpit, He could be any of those things. I want my children to love and be happy with their God and not live in fear.

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Broken Bread – Body Sacred
Verse 1 G C D We bring bread, our gift is taken G C Em And this wine, to our table comes C G D Em We see this gift of bread and wine C G D Em Are blessed and offered as a sign C D G – Em Of Jesus love for us all C D G Of Jesus love for us all Verse 2 G C D Brocken bread, His body sacred G C Em The cup is blessed, His blood is shed C G D Em We gather here to share this meal, C G D Em Of Jesus love for us to heal C D G – Em And we to live His love to all, C D G And we to live His love to all – to Bridge Bridge F dim G And in this sacrifice I see, F dim C D Jesus great love for you and me – Verse 1 (repeat)

I am sure he enjoys “DAD JOKES” as well – but probably tells them better than I do.

My God He Laughs

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • My God He Laughs
CH G C G My God He laughs G C D My God he smiles G C My God loves me D G And he loves me all the while Vs 1 G C G -C My God is clever G C D He made you and me G C He created this great world D And we can make it a great place to be – CH Vs 2 G C G -C My God is funny G C D Just take a look around G C You’d have to have a sense of humour D To create a kookaburra or the face of a clown – CH Vs 3 G C G -C My God is sensitive G C D He knows when I’m down G C But when I spend some time with him D My spirits lift right off the ground – CH

Mary Perfect Witness

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Mary Perfect Witness