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  • Mark Bainbridge
  • The Beginning Song

Vs 1

Let us start each day in a brand new way

Not with crying!

Let us work each day, teach us in every way

With no complaining!

Lift up our hearts to the God who loves

Everything and everyone

Let us live like you always want us to

And we will continue to grow!

Vs 2

Let us live each day – with one another

In friendship!

Let us help one another, in every way we can

With understanding!

Let us offer everything we do to God

Be it at work or at play

Let us live like you always want us to

And we will continue to grow!

Vs 3

See the sun rise

See the sun shine

See it bring a smile to every face!

(Repeat Vs 1)

Mark Bainbridge©1990

Beginning song notes

This tune is bright and breezy, belonging to the morning and new, fresh starts, a renewal of our relationship with God – an awakening to the world, His creation around you.

The words remind us to get on with life, stop the complaining and treat others with love and understanding. The offering of all we do also sits well with a morning offering and so it is a good one to use at the beginning of the day’s work.

The actions to this song are situated below and have been designed with the help of children in my class. I have found it is almost impossible to sing this song right through without a smile being brought to the face – the best way to start the day.

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