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  • Mark Bainbridge
  • We Are The Youth
CH Grant us oh Lord, peace in our time Our gift in return, our lives will shine Live in us Lord, Truth we will seek Be with us Lord, in all words we speak Vs 1 We are the young of your church, be with us now We come to you full of hope; fill us with your love And open our ears to your words Guide us in our day Vs 2 We are the youth of your church, be with us now Let us be witness to you, as we live our lives Open our eyes to see Guide us with your truth Vs 3 We are the body of your church, be with us now Here are our arms and our voice to help spread your word Teach us to see the light Guide us in your ways
Mark Bainbridge©1990

We Are the Youth

This tune came about as  a  response  to  some  young adults explaining their disapproval of the music that was played in church, “How old and antiquated  it sounded”..(?) I think were the words they used.

As I was playing the music at the time. (I was getting that old I reflect!)  I asked them what they would like to hear!  Their answer was typical – something with a beat, with a swing, something that is moving along and alive!

One hopes that the Church, that is, the people that make up our church, are also moving along (·with the Spirit) and alive! (With Faith and trust in Jesus)

It makes a great entrance hymn for a Youth Mass. or indeed any children’s liturgy

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