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Bekky’s Question

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Becky’s Question


Daddy, Oh daddy              Is God in the food?

Daddy Oh Daddy               Is God really in you?


Well I hope so dear, ‘cause if he ain’t, we’re really in strife

And as far as this food here, If He ain’t in it, it won’t taste half as nice!


Daddy, Oh daddy              How do you know?

Daddy Oh Daddy               Can you make him show?


Well God, he’s in you. And God, he’s in me,

God gives the life, he gives life to the seed

And if from his love food comes, which we’re about to eat

It may not be living, but it is life giving.


Daddy, Oh daddy              please tell me again?

If He’s in this food,           are we eating his heart or his hand?


Dear child all I know is this food is a gift of His love

So eat it all up, and thank God who lives up above!


Daddy, Oh daddy              How can this be?

Daddy Oh Daddy               He’s left this tummy ache in me?

Mark Bainbridge©1987

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