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God Is…?

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • God Is


God Is, God is good

God Is, God is good

He’s always in the right place when I want Him

And that’s whenever and whatever place, however I may be

God is with me. (x2 at end)

Vs 1

He’s in the air when I call his name

He’s in the trees when I climb the trunk

He’s in the room when I shut the door

He’s even in my bed at night on top of the bunk!   CH

Vs 2

He’s in the sand castle that I built today

He’s in the sky and in the rain, and in the wind that blows away

All the autumn leaves, for he is in them too

And when I see you in the street and smile, I’d like to say  CH

Vs 3

And even when I’m sad and hurt and crying

I’m afraid, alone and scared and frightened

All I do is close my eyes

And talk to Him for a while,

And soon my tears are rainbows on my cheeks, and I sing,….           CH

Mark Bainbridge©1988

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