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La La La Trinity

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • La, La, La Trinity


La La La La – let’s sing to the Father

La La La La – let’s sing to the Son

La La La La – let’s sing of the Spirit

La La La God’s love for everyone

Vs 1

Let’s sing to the Father and praise His name

For all the good things that gives Him fame,

For all of the mountains, the seas and the valleys

Rivers and forests that cover the earth                    CH

Vs 2

Let’s sing to the Son and praise His name

He lived in a harsh time and suffered much pain,

But he taught us forgiveness, how to pray to the Father

He showed how to live, and love one another                      CH

Vs 3

Let’s sing of the Spirit who gives us faith

He guides us and helps us and gives us grace

He cannot be seen but we know he is there,

He’s in all the joy, and the love that we share                       CH

Mark Bainbridge©1988

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