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Gifts Of The Spirit

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Gifts Of The Spirit
Gifts of the Spirit Vs.1 D C G C Kindness and gentleness go hand in hand D C G To love one another is his command D C G The joy he gives us to others we share F C D With courage we live in hope CH G C D G These are the gifts of the Spirit we share C G D These are the gifts that were promised G C D G This is the good news that we have to bear F C G These are the gifts of the Spirit F C G (D LAST TIME) These are the gifts of the Spirit (x3 times at end) Vs.2 D C G C Patience is something we need all our lives D C G To give us time for forgiveness D C G By understanding each other we care F C D And gain both the knowledge and wisdom CH Vs.3 D C G C The gifts are many, the Spirit gives freely D C G To each of us, we get what we need D C G With reverence for life and our father in heaven F C D Our faith will grow like a seed CH Mark Bainbridge – 2017
Gifts of the Spirit song notes

Purpose: Written for a Confirmation class as an expression (and explanation) of the Gifts of the Spirit – very appropriate for Pentecost Liturgy as well.

Structure: Simple verse and simple chorus. Song moves along at an even pace and allows for the BILLBOARD activity described below.

Classroom activity – The activity that I have used with this song is the “BILLBOARD”, where each of the gifts has its own sign created in class, and with each sign, decorated with words, signs photos and symbols that the children choose through their exploration of each gift. These are then held up as the song is sung and the gift is mentioned and displayed to the congregation at the appropriate moment