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God’s Love is like a Circle

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • God’s Love is like a Circle
God’s Love’s a Circle Mark Bainbridge – 2017 Vs.1 D G D A circle has no start And a circle has no end D G A A circle is continuous On that you can depend D G D And God’s love’s like a circle As round as round could be D G A D It goes around and’round and ‘round To all of you and me,… CH G D God’s love goes around and ‘round On his love you can depend A G A D Yes God’s love is for all It has no start and has no end. Vs.2 D G D If God’s love is forever Always was and ever be D G A Then God’s love is as round As an orange up a tree D G D As round as a hoop, or a ring, or a ball D G A D God’s love goes round and round Because God’s love is for all CH Vs.3 D G D God gives his love to you And he gives his love to me D G A He gives his love to everyone he gives it generously D G D And we must learn to pass it on Just like a big round ball D G A D Bouncing all around this world To both the big and small CH
God’s Love is like a Circle notes

Purpose: Song of praise for God’s eternal love – classroom and children’s prayer session – suitable for topics surrounding God’s wonder and awe

Activity Suggestions: Bouncing balls and circles is the theme here – so a physical activity involving balls and possibly a Geometry session involving circles. (Depending on the level of understanding of the children)

One game I have used: Line the children up in 2 lines facing one another.
* Get a ball (any shape and size, but lets stick to a basket ball for easy handling and visual effect) and roll – or bounce – or through zig-zag from one line to the other, up and back continuously.
*record the maximum passes that can be achieved for each roll, bounce or pass.
* You make the point that we achieved a high score – but we could not keep it going forever. Unlike God’s love which always was and will always be – continuous