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Sniff Sniff – Mmm!

Mark Bainbridge – 2017
  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Sniff Sniff
CH D What a wonderful – Sniff sniff – s-mell G D What a wonderful Mmm Mmm aroma D A So many lovely smells in the world D What a wonderful – Sniff sniff – smell G D What a wonderful Mmm Mmm aroma G A D Thank you God for this great gift of ours Vs.1 G D He gave us a nose and this great gift of smell A D To breathe in the aromas of life G D The scent of the flowers and the foods that we eat E A Think of all the smells that you like!?!, Mmmmmmm! CH Vs.2 G D Imagine a life without smelling the roses A D Or cakes with sticky chocolate icing goo!! G Vegies, herbs and fresh fruit D And cooking in the kitchen E A Think of your favourite meal too??! (food of choice –eg: Lasagna) CH
Sniff Sniff notes

Purpose: Exploring the gift of smell. OK – there are good and bad smells too – but I was concentrating on the good ones!

Activity suggestion: Cooking and ingredient mixing in the classroom. Pick a simple cooking exercise (pancakes and toppings; sausages in bread?!; Damper?) Herbs and spices – get a selection of herbs and spices to smell test – grade them like and dislike – rate out of ten. The results may surprise Flowers and perfume (ask for remanent scent bottles and smell test) Bring cut flowers to school and have in classroom. Notice the smell change as the flowers die. But please – throw out before they really get on the nose!