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We Come To Our Loving Father

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • We Come To Our Loving Father
We Come to our Loving Father Mark Bainbridge – 2018 Verse G We come to sing our songs of praise C To God our father God our father G We come and gath- er in his name C Our loving Father Loving father CH D C G D A –lle – lu – ia Praise our God D C G D A –lle – lu – ia Praise our God Vs 2 G Our friends and fami -ly gath – er here C To praise together praise together G In all we do we pray to you C Our loving Father loving father CH D C G D A –lle – lu – ia Praise our God D C G D A –lle – lu – ia Praise our God
We come to our Loving father notes

Purpose: Welcoming song to a liturgy or prayer service – very appropriate for Easter.

Structure: Simple verse and simple chorus. Can be easily broken into parts. With only two verses, it is a short entrance anthem, however, the Chorus can be repeated for as long as required. It could turn into a chant and it lends itself to harmonies – create your own!

As with the recorded version with the beautiful voices of Sophie and Chloe Kearney – introduce the song bit by bit – children (or congregation) to sing alleluia chorus – then get them to sing the repeat end line (God our father – Loving Father) and then introduce the verse lines.

In effect – you could have some fun with this one if the group is good enough and break them into 3 parts and have them all learn and concentrate on their particular part. Swap them around and the song is easily learnt across the group.

It should work with congregations over a few weeks singing the song on a regular basis as well. (should?!),….and I love trying.