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  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Autumn
Chorus It’s Autumn, It’s Autumn, The wind is getting colder. It’s Autumn, It’s Autumn, The clouds they roll all over, And the leaves that are green turn to brown And they wither with the wind And they crumble in your hand It’s Autumn (echo) It’s Autumn (echo).   Verse 1 In Autumn, the leaves on the trees Turn colours of red, yellow and brown Looking so pretty,… And making the parks blaze like fire! The wind it blows, the rain falls down And you know what season it is all around. Chorus


Seasons; (Specifically) Autumn/Winter; Colour (leaves)


The changing patterns of the weather become very apparent fairly early in the school year with the end of summer and the onset of autumn. A colourful time of year in parks and gardens as deciduous trees put on their fiery show. This special time of year lends itself to quiet walks in the parks and collecting as many different coloured leaves – piling them up and running, jumping and kicking them – the final fling before the entrapment of Winter

ACTIVITIES:  (As above, plus…)

There are a number of activities covering a range of areas on this theme including Art/Craft, Mathematics, Langauage development and games housed in the MEMBERS CONTENT area of this web page.

As an example: Art/Craft: Collecting leaves and making collage pictures, printing with the variety of leaf shapes in paint and ink, using the stems and twigs for the outline, using the colours of the leaves to fill in the picture are age old favorites.

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