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Bike Ed Song

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Bike-ed Song
Verse 1 Hit the road                                       Travel the highway Moving along                                    Exploring the by-ways Seeing the world                               Moving right on by, God’s Creation                                  Discovering it my way, … CHORUS On my bike I travel the road, But be careful, Always follow the road code. Mark Bainbridge © 

BIKE-ED SONG: Classroom Activities


THEMES: Transport; Recreation; Bike-Education; General Safety and/or specifically Road Safety!
Used mainly in conjunction with a Bike Education­ Course, the song covers the mode of transport children are most familiar with and have the access to. It is viewed as a fun machine, even exciting as in B.M.X. racing and touring. But in its use on the roads, bike riders must follow a set of rules and regulations. The song emphasises the safety of the rider and others using the road. It stresses “using your head!” and obey­ing the road.
There are a number of activities covering a range of areas on this theme including Drama/Music, physical education, language development, and Mathematics housed in the MEMBERS CONTENT area of this web page. As an example: Physical Education: Orienteering on a bike. Given a map appropriate and a known destination, let the children (in groups of 4) decide on their own route. Make sure that the . There were many other sources of activities like these in the old Road Traffic Commission “Streets Ahead” Kit. An excellent resource!  
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