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  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Hitchcock
I walked in to a spooky house – A scary house

A spooky house!

And I heard ghosts (ghostly sounds)

And I saw monsters (monster sounds)

I heard little devils (devilish sounds)

And I heard witches (witches laughter)

And then – with a bang

A big wind came

And knocked me down

And I, … got scared, … pretty scared, … very scared

Cause I heard great big giant steps

Great big giant steps!

Making an Earth Tremor start.

And the house to shake

Then a whirlwind came

Through the house it came

Spinning my head around

Making me fall to the ground!

And when I looked up…

I saw a door that was black!

I opened the latch!

The door opened slowly with a creak !!


And so I ran, from that house

With those scary monsters chasing me!



Halloween; Witches/goblins, Fantasy, etc.


This was written as an action song for a Halloween theme, however; the sound effects became the main ingredient and the children had a great time providing their own responses. Good Voice exercise and plenty of scope for the imagination. The Name – in honor of the master of the Suspense Thrillers, ‘Sir Alfred Hitchcock’.


There are a number of activities covering a range of areas on this theme including Drama, language development, and Art and Craft housed in the MEMBERS CONTENT area of this web page.

As an example: Drama:

  • Move like a ghost; monster, witch etc.
  • Make a sound like a ghost, monster. Witch etc.
  • Get dressed up as same and act out the song with actions and sounds.
  • Build a tunnel with desks and old sheets – children crawl through and others devise ways to scare (with fake spiders, snakes, etc.) those crawling through.

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