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Pool Rule Song

(sung to the tune of “Click goes the shears”)
  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Pool Rule Song
Verse 1 Down by the Pool, The Pool Attendant stands, Pointing to the Pool rules, With his thin wet hand, The pool rules are for a reason, The reason you see, Safety in the water is the only way to be, …   Chorus Learn all your pool rules; 1,2,3 No running, no fighting, no pushing for me. When you’re by the swimming pool Safety is the key, So learn all your safety rules and sing along with me.

Water; Swimming Program; Safety and specifically –  Safety around pools!
This was a simple song designed as a sing-a-long song to be sung on the way to the pool for swimming lessons. The tune is well known – “Click Go the Shears” – and this was used so that the song could be learnt quickly. It generally takes three bus trips for children to master the song – four trips for the bus driver!!
There are a number of activities covering a range of areas on this theme including swimming program, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies housed in the MEMBERS CONTENT area of this web page. As an example: Swimming Program: Used as an introduction to children to understand the rules pertaining to the safe operation of the pool. Use it a week before program begins so that it can be used on the trip to the pool as a constant reinforcement.
Hand actions for the song are available in the Members Content as well – designed to be able to perform while sitting bouncing in a bus to the pool.

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