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Spring Has Sprung

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Spring Has Sprung

Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring,

Spring, Spring has sprung!!

Sing a Song of Spring,

See the flowers bring, Colour to the world around you

Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring,

Spring, Spring has sprung!!

New growth all around, See it in the ground,

Fruit on trees and vegetables rising,….


Verse 1

And even in the depth of Winter

When it seems so cold and bleak

Jack Frost’s nipping at your toe nails

We wear woolen socks to warm our feet.

Trees are covered with the blossoms

They respond to the sun’s light!

The temperature is rising

And the stars shine in the crystal clear night.


Seasons, specifically “Spring”; Colour; Nature.


Continuing on the theme of seasons, one of the most spectacular and colourful would have to be Spring. The sudden appearance of blossoms from buds and many of the dormant plants bursting with new life, not to mention the re-generation within the animal kingdom makes Spring, Mother Nature’s show piece. A great time for parents to get with their children and get out and experience it first hand


There are a number of activities covering a range of areas on this theme including Drama, language development, Mathematics, Social Studies, science and cooking housed in the MEMBERS CONTENT area of this web page.

As an example: Social Studies:

Have a “Spring Clean” of the house (or classroom). From this clean up may come bags of old clothes, shoes, etc., that could be used by the volunteer organisations. (eg. St.Vincent De Paul Society, Brotherhood of St. Lawrence, Salvation Army, etc) This may also begin a study of community, community groups or our role as future community builders.

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