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The Flood Song

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • The Flood
Well, the water rose up; Glug, Glug, Glug!

And the houses went down; Ogle, Goggle, Goggle!

And the animals swam; (Animal Noises)

Around and Around, and around and around!


And we rowed in a boat; stroke, stroke, stroke!

And we picked up the people, Help! Help!

And we rowed them ashore; Row a-shore!

And they said thankyou; THANKYOU!


And you know, the flood came down,

But No – No people were drowned,

Because we were there,

To rescue and care,

In the water down there! … (Repeat whole song 3 times, gradually gaining tempo)


Water; Disasters; Helping Others.


This is a favorite of mine to get pre-school and junior primary children to become involved. The sounds and actions are easy to learn and because it is so short, it can be repeated a number of times. I have used this in classrooms where the children did the actions standing on low tables, pretending to be marooned. I have also placed the children in a shape of a boat on the floor and in a story telling session, used the song as a beginning and ending.


Game: The old standby favorites of “Shipwreck” and “Ship, Shark, Shore” are good.

ShipwreckHave a simple action to, …

Scrub the deck, Climb the mast, Port side, Starboard side,

Hit the deck (or Shipwreck!)

(Similar to ‘Simon Says’, odd person out or last person in).

Ship, Shark; Shore”: In the playground have three lines. Teacher  calls Ship!, Shark! or Shore!

Shark Line                  Ship Line           Shore Line

And last person in place drops out! Add multiples, call shark, shore, ship! and they travel to each line in the right sequence.

Art & Craft: Make cork boats and have races in a tub of water. (Or just simply a cork and BLOW!)

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