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What Would it be Like…?

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • What Would It Be Like…

What would it be like

With no trees in sight?

It wouldn’t be very nice at all – Oh no!

They give shade from the sun,

Wood to burn to keep warm

And fruit and nuts for our tum­ tum! Yum Yum!

Verse 1

And trees can be – so hard

And trees can be – so wide!

And trees can be, Up and down,

In and out,

And all about this Town !



Conservation; gardening; plant care (outdoor).


This action song is simple in structure, but enjoyed by all levels from pre-school to senior primary. It was incorporated into the “To Chip or Not To Chip??” Play for the “Seed of the Morning” song.

All the activities there are relevant to this song as well. Visit a National Forest or the Botanical Gardens as well. The State Schools Nursery should be of assistance as well in this topic.


The Play

(by Mark Bainbridge)

“To Chip or Not to Chip?!”

Setting:     Forest of children trees, flowers and plants. Four children

come through the trees playing hide and seek, finish game and unroll mat to sit amongst bush. They begin a conversation,...

Child A:    Isn't the bush beautiful this time of year? Child B: Yeah, it's alright I suppose!

Child C: Just a few trees and flowers. Why are you getting so excited about it?

Child D: You could cut the whole lot down tomorrow and put in a new skateboard ramp or B.M.X. Track.

Child C:   Now that WOULD be something to get excited about!

(from your own class discussions or debates on issues of censer vat ion, fill in your own dialogue - better still, let the children write it and perform their own part. Child A & B argue for; Child C & D argue against.)


Tree 1

"Hey, wait a minute. Why don't you listen to our side of the story!!!" (Children too startled to answer - all plants start to move and sing

- "What would it be like,...?")                          ·

All children look at each other and nod in agreement.

All children: "How can we help?"

Trees:         "You can help us by protecting us, growing us and re-planting us where others have pulled us out or cut us down. You need us for many things and many reasons. (At this point - a list from class discussion could be included!) Here, here are some of my seeds!" (Tosses Bag of Seeds) Flower: "Here are some of mine!" All

Plants: Child B: Child D:

"Here, take some of mine!"

"But what do we do with them?"

"Yeah, we're from the city. Where can we put them?"

Tree 1:    "Anywhere you can. We are very beneficial you know!" Child A:   "So where can I grow these?"

Tree 1:    "In a pot; in your backyard; in your school grounds; in your parks and gardens - maybe in the bush where men have already started to chip our relatives."

Child C:     0.K.! O.K.! But what do we do to make these grow?" Trees & Plants: "WE'LL TELL YOU! ..

Sing         "Seed of the Morning" CURTAIN CLOSES!


There are some suggested actions in the following diagrams – or better still - make up your own