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Song Notes:

A song for the younger members

ACTIONS: simple actions are best, pointing in the directions given in the song – behind you, in front, to the left, right – all about you. Rainbows can be simply arching the arms over the head, animal noises approapriate to the animals named, hopping for the kangaroo, and simply pointing to the various objects named.

ART: using colours and experimenting with mixing – ie red and blue to create a variety of purples; yellow and blue to create a variety of greens; et al and using these to paint scenes from the song

Science: Prisms and refracting light to create a rainbow effect

Song Lyrics:

The Colours Song


There are colours behind you

Colours in front of you

Colours to the left of you

And colours to the right

There are colours all about you

Every single day

Even a rainbow in the sun’s rays


Verse 1

There are colours in balloons

Colours in the moon

Colours in a rainbow too!

There is blue in the sky

Green in the grass

And colourful tigers in the ZOO!   –  CH


Verse 2

There’s colours in a sunrise

Colours in a sun set

Colours in me and you!

There’s red on a fire engine

Yellow in the sun

And brown on a kangaroo!   – CH