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Song Lyrics:

Library Song


The Library, The Library, That’s the place to try

If you want to find a book or two (or three, or more!)

read a story, just take a look

Find some information

Don’t you know of books there’s quite a few


Verse 1

All books will be catalogued, each will have its place

Just ask the friendly librarian

There’s fiction full of make believe, Non-Fiction is for real!

And reference books will help your knowledge gain.  –  CH


Verse 2

If you want a story, full of fun and colour

The picture story books are just the shot

Full of illustrations, and many funny stories

Open up their covers for the lot!  –  CH


Verse 3

So please come in and take a look

Be amazed at what you find

Look at all the books that you might try

Open up the covers, let the words fill your head

It will let imagination fly,…

It will let imagination fly!  –  CH