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And the Wind It Blew!

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • And The Wind It Blew
Verse 1 In a locked room in Jerusalem, we all cowered in fright Frightened of the Roman guard, and the Sanhedrin’s might We wondered why he had left us here, We thought that we were all alone But we forgot what he told us clear, He’d never leave us, He’d send another To be our guide and give us strength to carry on   Chorus Then the wind it blew! How hard it blew! It rattled all the shutters and the doors Then above our heads, were flames of fire And the Spirit filled our hearts, with strength and desire To spread the word,….(last time: and the word was heard!)   Vs 2 We opened windows we opened doors. Into the public eye we strode. We started preaching in Jesus name, with confidence and manner bold. Everyone there, that listened to us speak, Thought we were drunk or slightly crazed But no matter what nation, they heard us clear He’d never left us! He’d sent another To be our guide and give us strength to carry on      –           CH
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