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Peter’s Catch

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Peter’s Catch

Vs 1

I’ve been sitting for so long in this boat

Casting my net out to the sea

I’ve been hauling it in, hand over hand

But I catch nothing but kelp and weed

‘I see the dawn is due, the sky brightens up

The pale light illuminates the sea

I wave my arms at my partners’ boat

“Let’s go home” I shout to the sons of Zebedee


I fish the sea to keep me alive

My life’s pattern and the seas are matched

I know the sea and its uncertainty

And many’s the life, depends on my catch

Vs 2

We hit the shore and prepare to clean our nets

When this Rabbis voice called out to me

“Can you put out from the shore aways.

The crowd is pressing and I need some air to breathe”

I listened closely to his words for a while

And what he said set my heart aflame

I felt humble and deep down in my soul

For all the bad in my life – I felt ashamed


Then he turned to me and said

“Go out from the shores edge

And put your nets once more into the sea”

I said “Master, we’ve caught nothing.

Foe a day’s toil – our nets are empty

But I’ll do it ‘cause it’s you who say it to me”

Vs 3

I felt panic when the shockwave hit the boat

The weight of the net began to drag us down

It took two boats working hand in hand

To bring that catch of fish onto dry land

I turned to the master on my bended knee

I said “Lord I am a sinner, don’t look down on me”

He said “Simon, come and follow me,

I’ll make you fisher of men to set them free”

Final Chorus

You’ll fish the sea to keep men alive

Your life’s pattern and the men are matched

I know your sea and its uncertainty

And many’s the life, depends on my catch (x3)

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