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In His Garden

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • In His Garden
Chorus Alle-lu-ia, Alle-lu-ia, Alle-lu-ia, Alle-lu, Alle-lu, Alle-lu, Alle-lu-ia Vs 1 Well I woke up one morning and I looked out my window At the beautiful sunshine, that was flooding the valley with golden rays And the clouds were majestic as they covered the mountains high And as I wondered at his creation I was moved to sing in praise     –           CH   Vs 2 Well I went to the ocean, and I listened to the crashing waves I saw the sculptured cliff tops, and the golden sands along a turquoise bay And the sea birds were calling, as they circled the shoals in the shallows And as I marvelled at his creation I was moved to sing in praise     –           CH   Vs 3 Well I climbed to the top of a mountain, and I felt the wind in my face I listened to the silence, and everywhere I looked I met God face to face! And his presence was real, so I fell to my knees And as I knelt as his own creation, I was moved to sing in praise!  –           CH
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