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Music  →  Children’s Music  →  Children’s Songs Of Praise  →  School Songs  →  We Follow in His Way – St Peters school song

Song Notes:

This song was written for St Peters school in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria. The Parish and school were undergoing celebrations for their first 25 years at that time. It also coincided with a review of the parish and was used in the various celebrations surrounding the event. Although this was written for St Peter’s school and Parish, I put Hoppers Crossing in brackets, as any school or parish could be inserted – its 6 beats so some examples that could fit are: we at Wood-end town-ship; at Ben-di-go ci-ty; we at St Mar-y’s school; at St Pet-ers and Pauls I hope you get the picture – you create the best way to get your name to fit.

Song Lyrics:

We Follow In His Way Vs 1 As Peter followed Jesus and learnt from His word He followed His example. Tried to do what he had heard He made mistakes and faltered, perfect he was not But Jesus saw his loving strength, and said”You are the Rock!” Upon which I will build my church Remember what I say, and teach my people how to live, and follow in my way. Chorus We follow in his way. We follow in his way We are Jesus people learning how to live In our school, church and families Our love and service give We follow in his way Vs 2 And so, we at (hoppers Crossing), as a community we’ve lived And learnt to follow in his way, to love and to forgive As Peter followed Jesus, we follow in his steps The Parents, teachers and the children We try to do our best And we are his church, we gather and we pray To love our God and fellow man And follow in his way –          CH