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Come on down – Zacchaeus

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Come On Down Zaccheus

VS 1

One day a man who was small in build

Wanted to catch sight of Jesus

But the crowd was so large around him

He had to climb a tree to see

He was a man not liked by most

For he was a tax collector

But when Jesus passed by that tree,

He surprised all by saying


Come on down (Come on down)

Zacchaeus (Zacchaeus)

I’m going to eat at your place tonight

Come on down (Come on down)

Zacchaeus (Zacchaeus)

I’m going to stay at your place tonight


Everyone was shocked! How could this be?

How could a Holy Man,… Stay with one like he?!!?


Vs 2

Jesus did not worry, or even try to explain

But Zacchaeus was overjoyed

He would never be the same

For Jesus (JC) had come for all (had come for all)

The good and bad alike (the good and bad alike)

Just think how you’d be happy,… if he said,…

“Hey, I’m going to stay at your place tonight!”      CH.

Mark Bainbridge ©1996

Some Participation Suggestions


Another story song, with the Children’s voices coming in at the chorus echo lines and the song telling the story.


  • This is certainly one to dramatise or mime.
  • I’ve even used it as a concert piece with a dance routine.
  • It lends itself to experimentation!

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