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Gather In

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Gather In


Gather In, (Echo) Gather In

Welcome His people

Welcome and gather in Jesus name

Gather In, (Echo) Gather In

Welcome his people

Welcome each other, we must do the same

VS 1

Come one and all to the gathering

Come, let us praise as one voice

Come, let our fears die and love grow

Come, let us sing and rejoice.       CH

VS 2

Come and lift all that are weary

Come and place hope in His name

Come all the sad and the lonely

In His love you will remain.           CH

VS 3

Come and sing Alleluia,

Welcome, we’re glad that you came

Come drink the cup that He offers us,

Come and bless bread in His name.            CH

Mark Bainbridge ©1996

Some Participation Suggestions


  • Easy for congregations to pick up and sing, probably due to the echo parts in the chorus and simple wording of the verses.
  • The actions that go with this song are easy to follow and can be performed while standing, as they only involve arms and hands. 
  • When the opportunity has arisen, I have divided the congregation down the middle and assigned them lead voice and echo voice in the chorus.  


  • Actions to the chorus are provided here. Simple to achieve.
  • I would have a group of children well practiced in the gestures facing the congregation as a lead.
  • Even better when everyone is doing them, including the preacher!
  • Allowing the children to develop their own actions for the chorus is also good. I usually break them into groups, one for each verse, and they devise their own gestures. As they are performing these solo, they can be much more expansive and liberal with interpretation.

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