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Lift Up your Hearts

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Lift Up Your Hearts


May the Lord be with you

And in all that you do

Give thanks and praise to the Lord

And lift up your hearts

Yes, lift up your hearts

Lift up your hearts to the Lord.

VS 1

We are gathered in His name

We come as one and all the same

To live and to be

One, united in His reign,


Sing his praises alleluia

Sing his praises all you peoples

In all you do, Love others as He loves you               CH.

VS 2

We are gathered as a sign

Working together all the time

To show to all, in all we do we answer His call.

(Bridge- then CH)

VS 3

We are gathered to renew

In celebrations we review

Our School (Parish) family, is alive through you and me,…

(Bridge- then CH)

Mark Bainbridge ©1996

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