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Only One Came Back

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Only One Came Back


Only one came back

One came back

Yes, only one came back

To give praise to the Lord

Vs 1

On His way to Jerusalem, Jesus was to see

Ten lepers calling out, “Jesus have pity on me!”

Jesus looked upon them

And heard their cry for help.

He said- “show yourselves to the High priests”

And that was that…but only,…      CH.

Vs 2

Now as they were walking, it was plain to see

That they were sick no more, cured they had been

Then one of the ten, when finding he was well,

Went back to our Lord, thanking God, you could tell.…but only,…   CH.


“Where are the others, where’s the other nine?

Are you the only one who could spare the time,

To thank God in His goodness? Come get on your feet!

Your faith has made you well again – Go in peace!” .…but only,…   CH

Mark Bainbridge ©1996

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