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Weeds in the Field

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Weeds In The Field
CH. You (We) are the good seeds in the crop, You (We) are the harvest You’re (We’re) not the weeds which cause the rot, You (We) are the Harvest VS 1 No matter how good the soil can be No matter how good the seed or its quality Some weeds will be planted by the wind Some weeds will grow,…BUT,…   CH. VS 2 The weeds will be strong and as they grow They’ll try to rob the good seeds soil Together they’ll follow the sun’s rays Some weeds will grow,..BUT,…    CH. VS 3 The weeds we know, only so well Hate and greed and selfish deed. They grow inside you if you let them, So don’t you let them,…FOR,…     CH. Mark Bainbridge ©1996

Some Participation Suggestions


  • Hints in singing the chorus – the first and third lines sing as though you are lagging behind the music
  • The second and four lines should be spot on the beat


  • A study of growing seeds in the classroom is appropriate
  • Looking at weeds verses good plants and the effects of each growing in the same patch
  • Good nutrition for human bodies and the issues with poor food choices and associated effects
  • Parallels between right choices in food and right choices in Life, good seed verses weeds, et al.
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