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My Lord Is Alive

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • My Lord is Alive

Vs 1

Well I don’t mean to be outspoken, I don’t mean to make a scene

I don’t mean to take offence, but what I’ve heard seems like a dream

I’d like to tell you all about it, if you have some time to spare

I don’t mean to shout for joy, but its joyful news I bear,..


Singing Alleluia, the Lord is risen

Singing Alleluia, the Son, He’s gonna shine!

Singing Alleluia, the spell of death is broken

Singing Alleluia, My Lord is alive!

Vs 2

Well it just so happens, The Lord, He died for you.

And because I’m far from perfect, He died for all my sins too!

But although He paid that high price, in three days came the surprise

That the spell of death was broken, My Lord Jesus is alive!               –              CH

Mark Bainbridge © 1990

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