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The Hole-y Song

  • Mark Bainbridge
  • The Hole-y Song

Vs 1

I’ve got a holey shoe and a holey sleeve

I’ve got some holey knees that let in the breeze

I’ve got a holey sock, in fact I’ve got two

I only hope that there’s no extra holes in you        


I’ve got a holey head, in fact I’ve got several

They’re important to my health

You could say they’re essential!

I use them to see with, to eat, hear and breathe with.

I use them to sing with too!!

Vs 2

Sometimes when I’m careless and a little bit reckless,

I fall on my knees and it’s not exactly painless

The holes in my knees and the holes in my hands

Have Band-Aids on to keep my holes from the sand            CH

Vs 3

So if you’ve got a hole in your clothes or skin

Remember that you cannot throw a hole in the bin!

None of us are perfect, we’ve got holes everywhere

All we can do is mind our holes with care CH

Vs 2

Well holy I’m not, but I try to be good

Just like the good Lord said I should.

Mark Bainbridge © 1990


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