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  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Mr Bascum
VS. l Well Mr.Bascum’s got big floppy ears. And big brown eyes, A long wet nose and four big leathery paws. His coat is mainly black with touches of brown. And his tail never stops wagging From the moment I open the door…. CH. Well he’s kind of big and he wears a frown And he makes you think he will bite! But he’s just a big show – off, And even a bigger chicken, When it comes to a fight! Well, he’s quite strong, but you could roll him along. That is unless he’s pulling you! And he may look dumb but he’s kind’ a smart. ‘Cause he talks to me and he might to you,… If he likes you!                 If he likes you! VS.2 Well we go  for  a walk  nearly  every night To  get  our exercise! Around  the corner and  four blocks up the  hill But if we see a cat, then the chase is on. That may  not  seem strange, But it is when  the cat’s chasing you!  – CH VS.3 There are many  types of  dogs In  this big,  wide world Too many for  me to name But Mr. Bascum is a special case you’ll agree And although he’s not pedigree Or a special show dog breed. He’s the dog that comes in when I haven’t Got a friend in sight!….  –  CH

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