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  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Smile Song


Well, It starts with a grin

Just above the chin

And it turns into a little smile!

And as it takes hold of your cute little face.

It’s really beaming in a little while!

Then a snicker emits from your pink lips

With your hand the mirth you try to hide!

But a giggle makes you wiggle.

And a chuckle gets you in trouble.

With daddy who didn’t see the funny side!!

Vs 2

Well it could happen in just about

Any place you could mention .

And it’ s usually embarrassing too!

But when a case of the giggles hits.

There’ s nothing can stop it even if you wanted to

‘Cause when  the Principal stands  to make a speech

And a button flies from his trousers.

And  they fall to just below his knees

Well a giggle makes you wiggle

And a chuckle gets you in trouble

With  the  teacher who’s going redder by degrees (x2)

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