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  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Snow Scheming

Vs 1

Well the snow came down,

And the temperature froze,

And we packed up the car with our winter clothes.

So we headed for the hills with the Snow Ski runs,

And there we’d have some fun.

Well we travelled through the lower foothills first.

And as we started to climb, I hoped the tyres wouldn’t burst!

Up the winding roads across the mountain side

Hoping there the snow we’d find.


We’re all going to the snow

We’re going to have some fun there. I know.


As we climbed that mountain, I thought of what I’d do,

Down that snowy carpet of a creamy hue.

I thought of snowmen, snowballs, and having a snow fight.

With everyone in sight!!

Well  I  would  ski  the  slopes  if  I  only  knew how.

Some say my skiing style resembles that of a cow!

So  I  think  I’ll  stick  to  the  toboggan run.

And  I  know  I’ll  have  some  fun.                    –             CH.


As we neared the crest.

Of that mountain peak!

And turned a sharp corner we found

What we all seek….

A snow landscape that was all but now Complete with our running, jumping.

Slipping, sliding, happy little feet.                        –          CH.

© Mark Bainbridge 1990

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