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  • Mark Bainbridge
  • Winter

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It’s Winter, it’s Winter, and it is so cold.

The frost and the rain makes me shiver and fold, …

Myself in  a Jacket where I grumble and groan,

And huddle by the fire for I’m chilled to the bone.


And it’s winter time,

And I’m chilled to the bone

Yes it’s Winter – time,

I think I will stay home.


Now the rain and the hail they fall down from the sky,

And they make the ground muddy, Just like a pig-sty.

Mum makes me put on my coat and my cap.

And with my gum boots on I Jump in puddles,…

Just like that! – CH.


Now the sky it’s all cloudy, the sun rarely shines.

For the fog in the morning covers the sun you’ll find.

With frost on the ground it’s easy to see,

That   if you run too fast you’ll slip over me!!

© Mark Bainbridge 1990

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